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During the years Teacher Training was offered, 2009-2019, Energies of Aliveness was a Yoga Alliance Registered School. Certified teachers are listed below.

Andrea Chesley, chesleyan AT hotmail DOT com

Andrew Ryan, Alcove, Qc

Annie McKenzie, amckenzie23 AT gmail DOT com

Carol Eniid Goodman, eniidgoodman AT gmail DOT com,

Christine Anderson, canderson AT wqsb DOT qc DOT ca

Dale J. Munro, dalemunro84 AT gmail DOT com

Destini Broom,

Emilie Lemieux, emmlemieux AT gmail DOT com

Emma Montford, emontford AT hotmail DOT com

Georgina Galloway, gg_intertravel AT hotmail DOT com, teaching at her home studio

Janet Weichel McKenzie, jweichelmckenzie AT

Julie Bilodeau, julie_bilodeau AT hotmail DOT com

Julie Côté, skichick DOT cote AT

John Barkley, paint AT storm DOT ca

Josée Robillard, josee DOT robillard AT gmail DOT com

Lany Ann Campbell-Cyr, lany_ann AT msn DOT com

Lidija Marie Rozitis, l DOT rozitis AT gmail DOT com

Liz (Pip) Robertson, pip AT bell DOT net

Lori D'Aoust, lorimdaoust AT hotmail DOT com

Lynne Bedbrook, moonwolf144 AT gmail DOT com, teaching Feldenkreiss and yoga, private and groups

Lynn Berthiaume, lynn AT wakefieldmill DOT com, teaching at Le Moulin Wakefield Mill Inn and Spa

Lynn Chiarelli, lynnchiarelli AT sympatico DOT ca

Maria-Hélèna (Saraswati) Pacelli,, teaching private, public and corporate classes in the Ottawa and Wakefield areas

Mary-Jane Yorke, mary.yorke AT sympatico DOT ca

Maxime Jalbert-Hiscock, maximejh AT gmail DOT com, teaching Le Moulin Wakefield Mill Inn and Spa and privately

Perry Zavitz, perry AT perryzavitz DOT com, teaching yoga nidra

Shelly Ann Kovacs, shellyinaus AT hotmail DOT com, teaching at home studio in Wakefield and at Le Moulin Wakefield Mill Inn and Spa

Sherry Rounds, sherryrounds AT bell DOT net

Sophie Cabana, sophiecabana AT gmail DOT com

Stephanie Schami, stephanie.schami AT gmail DOT com, teaching at Espace Shanti, St-Henri, Montreal

Storm Russell, sjrussell200 AT hotmail DOT com

Vanessa Rouleau, rouleau DOT Vanessa AT hotmail DOT com