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Inquire, Discover and Set Yourself Free
A four-part in-person Workshop

Testimonial from the Spring 2022 Group:

“Inquire, Discover, and Set Yourself Free” is an inspiring adventure. Suzanne creates a safe and supportive environment in which to explore intuitively and authentically into the nature of our reality, as it is influenced by our thoughts. For us, the scope of this inquiry ranged from the intimate and personal and extended to our broader shared community, touching on all of the inherent and possible contradictions that can sometimes co-exist. During this exploration, we each discovered our capacity to balance perceptions and judgements, thereby revealing creative and unexpected options in the face of some of our most daunting and challenging issues. We all agree, it is ultimately a journey that brings one back to one’s self! In the process, we emerge empowered to elaborate and implement more effective strategies to advocate, in kindness, for ourselves.

Dawn, Josée and Elizabeth

Intent: To offer an intimate, supportive and brave learning environment that enables inquiry, reflection, laughter and peer learning resulting in a sense of feeling free and engaged in life.

Frameworks: We will begin with the The Work by Byron Katie and then superimpose the teachings of Adyashanti from Falling into Grace and those of Pema Chodron from the Wisdom of No Escape ending with an Appreciative Inquiry Model for the visioning and action of part 4.

Approach: All workshops are facilitated and designed using an experiential learning model that promotes open dialogue, exchange, practice, observation, and real-life application. Each session begins with a short, gentle yoga practice.

Participation and cost: This workshop will have a maximum of three participants. The total cost for all four parts is $400 or $500 per person, includes a warm vegan lunch. For more information on the cost structure, please see contact info below.

Time and location: sessions will be held once a week, 10:00-3:30, at 34 Mahon Rd. North in Wakefield. Coffee/tea, snacks and a vegan lunch are provided.

Fall 2022 Dates:
Tuesday Group - October 11th, 18th, 25th, Nov 1st.
Sunday Group - Nov 13th, 20th 27th, Dec 4th.

Brief Description of each session:
Part 1: Introduction and practicing The Work – Inquiry. Through the use of examples by the author and facilitator we will develop a sense of how The Work is done and learn how to apply the questions and approaches for inquiry which lead to discovery.

Part 2: Practicing The Work – Discovery. An in-depth exploration of The Work and developing a felt-sense of the relationship between emotions and thoughts and between story and reality.

Part 3: Practicing The Work – Discovery continued.

Part 4: Set Yourself Free – a different take on reality. The workshop culminates here using an Appreciative Inquiry Model which takes Discovery as the starting point and leads into Dreaming, Designing and Delivering (Manifesting your dreams).

Contact info: Please feel free to send me any questions.

Suzanne: landline: 819-459-2078; or text 819-790-3456